January 26, 2014

January means one thing, back to reality, so the first weekend in I travelled back to uni in London. However, it was my friend's 20th birthday and so we planned a day full of food and fun and the nice side of town…

We started off with brunch at the Bluebird Cafe in Chelsea -. It's really cute and also has a restaurant, shop and sofas outside with rugs which always reminds me of somewhere exotic and far away from rainy London...

 The birthday girl!

I had the most delicious scrambled eggs I have had in ages….
We then decided to go to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington - 
I have early memories of being pushed around it in a buggy by my parents when I was a toddler, which was probably the last time I went, so I was pretty excited to go again for old time's sake! 
The building is beautiful, but let's be honest, nothing matches up to the moving dinosaur….


Coming from a small town in Suffolk, the only thing to do for NYE was to come back to London. 2013 has been (although I say this every year) my favourite year so far… turning 18, holidays, coming to uni… so it seemed right to see it off properly.
We weren't sure what to do though, so we booked tickets to Babble bar in Mayfair, and got ready…

We always seem to colour co-ordinate when we go out, (not intentionally I might add!)  but my gold dress broke away from the nights blue/black girl band theme… probably a blessing.

However, typical us, we underestimated the time it would take to get there and were too late, so ended up spending midnight in a pub in St James's Park with a bottle of wine..

After that we were suitably NYE drunk and late for the party anyway so decided to go for cocktails at The Ritz. However, they had other ideas and were closed for a private function, so I remembered a hotel bar I had been to a couple of years before, and that was how we ended up at the Donovan Bar at Brown's

After buying a delicious Martini (the only cocktail guaranteed to knock me out), we came back to find Maddy chatting up an Australian guy. Luckily (for us) he soon left, leaving a table of champagne and red wine for us to finish…

 We then stumbled upon the Lulu Guiness christmas tree, and decided to 'borrow' a little souvenir...

All in all, a perfect night of drunken misbehaviour! Nothing went as planned but it was an amazing New Year's with the best people, in the best city. 


OK, a very belated christmas post. This was my first christmas living in London and the best part was my gorgeous girls from home coming to stay for the last weekend before christmas! 
We wanted to do everything festive that London had to offer. So, we started with ice skating at Somerset House…
I have been to most of the ice skating rinks in London and this is just about my favourite (closely followed by the Natural History Museum…) 

Later we wandered down to Covent Garden to have some lunch… classic tourist photo with the pop-up Burberry car! 

In the evening, we met up with Alice and Maddy and went to Winter Wonderland, which soon became my second home during December! I love the food and the mulled wine and the egg nog and the cheesy music… it's pretty much everything I love about Christmas packed into Hyde Park. 

After THAT (yes we packed it all in…!) we went and had a curry on Brick Lane. Brick Lane is one of my favourite places in London and I'm sure it will feature frequently on here from now on! 
You just can't argue with £10 for starter, main and side with a free bottle of wine.

On the Saturday, we went last minute Christmas shopping on Oxford Street… which was PACKED. However, we amused ourselves by buying matching reindeer onesies….

Before heading out to Amika in Mayfair - 

We had tons of fun getting ready…

And it was indeed a winter wonderland, complete with fake snow flurries. However, I don't normally complain about Mayfair clubs as I expect them to have a certain air of snobbiness, but the staff at Amika were downright rude. It was the last Saturday before Christmas so I could overlook being charged £12 on the door despite it usually being free - however, once inside they tried to kick us off our table and were just generally awful human beings. We had a great night luckily but this is one Mayfair club that I won't be returning to! 

The next morning we were feeling a little worse for wear, so decided the answer was spreading christmas spirit around East London on the way to get ingredients for fried breakfast… final count was 12 car hoots and 3 pictures. Perfect end to the weekend and run up to Christmas!